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Artist Statement

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I make stuff to laugh and stay sane.

If you prefer something long winded, see below.

My work is a subtly transfigured contemplation of the reclaimed metaphorical embodiment observed in the marriage between diversity and gender as they relate to the principles of comparative reunification and nullification of contrasting didacticisms within the immensely constricted extensions of preternatural conflicting societal boundaries, indicative of the feminine form submerged into the habitually mirky waters of modernity.  My asynchronous form of expression began as a non-representational figurative, meditation on life’s transformative yet reflective depictions of uber-conventionality, and quietly metamorphosed into a firmly surreal and redemptive stereotyping of the uterus and it's speculative, semi-historical and cultural ideological backlash on patriarchy’s social consciousness, while clearly deconstructing the pervasive integration of ambiguity in the 21st Century. The result is an amalgamation of the metaphysical nihilism juxtaposed by allegorical symbolization which clearly identifies with modern day domestication and introspection regenerated by the relationship between the methodology of felching and the gentle fragmentation of flagellation theories which traditionally typify sociopolitical conflict and conceptualize critical, yet disparate postulatory features of schematic themes on bullish contemptibility and nothingness.

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