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Hallo, I'm Orli. I grew up in London, England, in a typically clichéd dysfunctional Middle Eastern family. I dropped out of school at the age of seventeen and ran away to the U.S. where I was an 'illegal alien' for some time. I took hundreds of jobs and snuck into classes at F.I.T. in NYC, before teaching myself to make hats.  My hats appeared on runway shows at New York Fashion Week, in movies and on T.V.

I got bored and went into radio, becoming a D.J. and producer at Clear Channel's WBWZ/Z93 from which I was fired for allowing a listener to air grievances about a large fast-food chain. I was hired the following day by  alternative rock station
WLIR where I hosted the afternoon drive show under the pseudonym, The English Muffin. Don't judge me.

I've written and made art since I could pick up a pencil, mainly,  to maintain my sanity. Both practices have saved my life and I began taking them more seriously when motherhood clobbered me over the head in 2004. I generally have a lot of fear around showing my work and it was over seven years before I did so. My first solo show in 2014, “Pretty/Ugly”, addressed my personal experience with misogyny and sexism. My work has been shown in the US and overseas, and was featured on my husband's Showtime series Happyish. Some of those pieces are on this website.

My 2016 book 'I Feel Bad', is a collection of autobiographical drawings addressing the guilt that comes with being a woman and a mum. It  was developed into Amy Poehler's NBC sitcom of the same name.
I served as consulting producer but take no blame for the writing.  I live in Los Angeles, which is a bit closer to an insane asylum than I prefer to be.

For years I've had an obsession with the human brain - mainly my own. Subscribe to Brained - my Substack to read more about it.

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