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Auslander’s idiosyncratic drawing style
is anxiety personified…
They’re the true residence
of Auslander’s weirdness.

Her new book, I Feel Bad: All Day. Every Day. About Everything, is a series of 100 illustrations with accompanying text.
She captures a mood and emotional ambivalence that will be
all too familiar for readers: trying to be the best wife, mother,
and friend she can be, while simultaneously feeling badly
about virtually everything she does.


She feels bad about saying no and for saying yes
(when she’d rather say no), for hiding in the bathroom from
her kids, indulging her kids, being judgmental, using clichés, making rules, feeling envy, eating meat. She’s a dark Roz Chast.

Orli Auslander is a mom, writer and artist,
and a hilarious chronicler of her own guilt.

Her work bears similarities to Allie Brosh's... 
the intimate nature of these sketches speaks to the core of
what it means to be a modern-day woman

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